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Genre: Historical Fiction

Orphan Train Disaster

It’s 1911 and Lily’s plans for her factory are not progressing as fast as she would like. Maria, her sister Rosa, and friend Leonie are still working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Maria and Conrad have agreed it’s pointless finding new jobs when they will

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Orphan Train Strike

Two New York girls, Maria Mezza and Alice Doe wake up one November morning in 1906. Their lives are about to change forever. Maria is heading to her first job in a shirtwaist factory wishing she was heading to the country side. Alice is leaving

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Orphan Train Tragedy

Kathleen Green longs for a child of her own. Her work with the orphan trains only serve to heighten her need. When tragedy strikes, will she get the child she always wanted? Will the cost be worth it?

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Orphan Train Escape

Bridget Collins is in dire straits – she needs to get out of New York, fast. With two young siblings under her wing, her options are limited.Her priest sends her as an outplacement agent on the orphan trains that run from New York to out

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Orphan Train Christmas

Kenny Clark knows Santa is magical and only he can find his family.Kathleen Collins fights poverty and desperation every day in her bid to find new homes for the orphans of New York. But what about her happy ever after? Can the magic of Christmas

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Orphan Train Trials

Bella Jones and Kathleen Collins are as close as sisters and that’s how they want things to stay. But fate intervenes. Kathleen’s brothers have disappeared, they traveled from New York on the Orphan Train and nobody has heard from them since. She can’t shed her

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Heart of Disaster
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