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Heart of Disaster
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Orphan Train Escape

All children deserve love.

Bridget Collins is in dire straits – she needs to get out of New York, fast. With two young siblings under her wing, her options are limited.

Her priest sends her as an outplacement agent on the orphan trains that run from New York to out west.

With almost forty orphans under her care, she’s relieved fellow and more experienced outplacement agent Carl Watson, is there to guide her. But Carl is dealing with his own trauma and finds it difficult to handle the pain the orphans are dealing with.

Through tears and laughter, everyone on the orphan train has a lesson to teach about love, life and loyalty. And Bridget finds a new, unexpected calling. Every child deserves a happy home and Bridget is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that happens. No matter what the cost…

Hearts on the Rails

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About the author

Rachel Wesson is the author of several best selling series including her latest based on the Orphan Trains.

Having always been a fan of history, Rachel tries to combine her love of history with a good story.

Rachel Wesson was born in Kilkenny, Ireland but considers herself to be from the capital, Dublin as that’s where she spent most of her life. 

What I'm Working On

 I’m currently working on Revenge for my Father and expect to release it by the end of 2022. It’s available on every Amazon store for pre-order. 

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