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All children deserve love.

It’s 1911 and Lily’s plans for her factory are not progressing as fast as she would like. Maria, her sister Rosa, and friend Leonie are still working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Maria and Conrad have agreed it’s pointless finding new jobs when they will soon be joining Lily’s factory. Rosa can think of nothing but her upcoming marriage and Leonie worries how she is going to look after her four siblings when their mother falls very ill.

Frieda is fighting barriers at the hospital. It seems some doctors believe being female and becoming a doctor are not compatible despite her achieving high marks in the recent exams. Will she be allowed to qualify or have her dreams come to a standstill.

After Alice’s experience, Lily is having major doubts about sending children on the orphan trains. But when a major disaster happens, does she have any choice?

Books in the Hearts on the Rails Series

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