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Genre: Western Romance

Oregon Disaster

Pregnant and alone, Sarah Hughes finds herself in a village at the mercy of strangers. Along comes Bear who is determined to bring her home. She doesn’t want to leave but having killed a man she is left with little choice. On the run with

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Oregon Destiny

Becky Thompson doesn’t take no for an answer.She knows what she wants and his name is Scott Jones.Scott Jones’s future was stolen along with his heart.He cannot love Becky, but can he keep her safe?After months of illness, deprivation and betrayal, with the end in

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Oregon Dreams

Johanna Thompson understands her father’s wish to go to Oregon.Can she use the time together to convince him to let her follow her dream?Rick Hughes inherits two small children, a wagon and a dream to go to Oregon. But it’s not his dream. Johanna and

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Oregon Bound

1852 Illinois, Eva Thompson has her future mapped out. Marriage to David Clarke and a family is all she wants.Her Pa has other ideas. He insists on taking the Oregon Trail to a better life and favors Harold Chapman as Eva’s suitor.Marriage to Harold will

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Heart of Disaster
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